The Malady of Writing

The Malady of Writing – A project on text and speculative imagination is an exhibition presented at the MACBA Study Center of a collection of books, opuscula, pamphlets and single pages written by artists.

While traditionally a distinction is made between art books and theoretical / critic / biographical texts written by artists, what we have here are books that are produced – and often published – by artists but that are not artists’ books. These are a different sort of novel and fiction, set apart from the literary world through their channel for distribution and the experimental nature of the texts.

The circuits of distribution determine the presence of books in the places where one regularly goes to find a novel. These projects are possible because the artists themselves, small / independent publishing houses or art institutions / centres decide to publish them. There are no literary agents and, therefore, they live on the border of – or, rather, in parallel to – the major companies that specialize in publishing literature. On the other hand, with these texts the reader engages in an exercise of reinventing language and writing that is necessarily related to the artist’s production.
The library is not organised by subject. It would be nearly impossible to implement that sort of organization without inventing Borges-like categories. The books are distributed within the space so as to allow each visitor to discover what the project is about and the best way to relate to the works. Some are short texts while others are novels that take time to read.

Picture : Adrian Williams The Right Triangle, 2008

13/03/2010 at 11:18 pm