In the exhibition Zeigen. An Audio Tour through Berlin, conceptual artist Karin Sander brings together works by 566 Berlin-based artists at Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin. The project surprises the visitor with a seemingly empty exhibition space.

On the Kunsthalle’s white walls – where one would usually find works and so called exhibition labels – the names of the invited artists are all there is to see. The works themselves remain invisible – at first glance.

For Zeigen. An Audio Tour through Berlin, Sander invited fellow artists to translate their own work into an acoustic piece evading therefore the usual exhibition format and the expectations associated with it. The very different realisations – performed, sung, spoken, recited – can be accessed individually via an audio guide. Listening on headphones, visitors are offered a new level of perception which leads from the familiar visual approach to artworks towards an auditory, imaginative experience, offering scope for different mental visualizations.

The catalogue for the exhibition, designed by Büro Übele, mirrors the curatorial concept with a publication that is highly fragile and ephemeral showing nothing but the artists’ names and is printed on extremely thin paper.

12/12/2009 at 9:03 pm